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Our agency

The Agency for International Economic and Cultural Development is based in Toulouse (France). We are a non-profit organization created in June 2004. We work with enterprises, institutions and individuals wishing to initiate or improve there international activities. Our work involves the networking for these actors and facilitating partnerships. Over the years we have developed a large network in ministries and embassies of various countries.

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Our approach

We develop a personalized approach with all of our partners, as part of a logic of mutual benefit to all stakeholders. We promote these values in our business relations with our international partners. We focus our work in a human approach. Our main strength is our reactivity and simplicity of the relationship we have with our partners.

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How we work

ADEC-NS is an independant and non-profit organisation, only funded by contributions of its members. As such, no commission on contracts concluded is requested. As an association, we are supervised by an Board, a Scientific Council consisting of experts on international relations, and a General Assembly consisting of all members.

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An international recognition

Our efforts on behalf of international development have been recognized by the United Nations, which granted us the Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council in 2008. This status implies in particular that public fundings must not represent more than 10% of our budget.


Our commitment was also recognized by the European Union. The European Commission has selected us in 2009 to accommodate a Europe Direct Information Centre (CIED). In this context, we participated in the public awareness on European issues and the functioning of institutions through the organization of various events.


Committed to sustainable development, we have joined the Global Compact France in 2013. We promote social and environmental responsibility by participating each year in the Rally Citizen of Toulouse. We also promote it during our events and our newsletters focusing on environmental and social issues.


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