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You present opportunities in regions or countries that you want to know more about?

You need real contacts in the economic and cultural spheres abroad?



You are

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     An institution or an university
  • Discover new opportunities for cooperation and affirm your presence internationally,
  • Meet your peers and institutional interested by international cooperation,
  • Establish new partnerships for the exchange of good practices, researchers, students and teachers,
  • Develop an international project using your knowledge and your expertise.
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A company
  • Discover new markets and diversify your client portfolio,
  • Met new partners, institutional clients, investors, distributors and business development in the country,
  • Expand your knowledge of the market and your international brand.
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An individual
  • Expand your network in France and abroad (business representatives, academic and institutional),
  • Discover new destinations and new cultures,
  • Support the Grand Sud-Ouest development on an international level.


Our activities

   « It always start with a good match »
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Multisectoral business trip

 Organized business trips to a specific country for economic, academic or institutional stakeholders.

  • Identification of various cooperation opportunities
  • Organisation B to B meetings with potential partners
  • Visits of companies, institutions and meeting with officials
  • Entirely organized business trip (transportation, accommodation, meeting organization)

Cities and countries are targeted based on the interests of participants.

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Targeted mission

Specific operations in France or abroad according to our members requests. A way to enlarge your business network and meet high-level institutional officers.

Business intelligence
  • We collect, analyze and provide strategic information to our members,
  • We monitor and draw-up reports on economic issues on targeted countries at your demand,
  • Alerts and events listings and forums


[Members benefits]
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Business convention

Meeting with foreign delegations coming to Toulouse to discuss about opportunities in their country and seek partnerships, especially in their priority areas of cooperation.

  • Presentation of the country by locals economic and cultural advisors,
  • Presentation of business opportunities and cooperation,
  • Personalized B to B meetings


The specific needs of our members are taken into account in organizing the meeting.

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Business dinners conducted in a friendly atmosphere where ambassadors, ministers or foreign advisors present the opportunities for cooperation with their countries. French experts of economic, political and academic spheres can also come to address thematic issues and international issues.

The participants entrepreneurs, institutions, academics and members of civil society are gathered by thematic tables.

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Join us

By joining the ADEC-NS, you will get a discount for all the activities mentioned above, applicable, where appropriate, to all members of your company or your institution.

You also get personalized assistance, including business intelligence that we set up for you, as well as the preparation of targeted missions we provide or arrange on request.


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