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ADEC-NS is heading for Uzbekistan
 The successful cooperation that resulted in the multisectoral mission organized in 2010 and the enthusiasm for the visit to Toulouse HE Ambassador Ravshan USMANOV last September have convinced us of the relevance of a new mission to this economically booming country.

Organized in partnership with the Embassy of Uzbekistan in France, the mission will take place between 8 and 13 March 2016. It will be an opportunity for businesses, academics and institutional wishing to discover the many opportunities that offer Uzbekistan. Any kind of cooperation is possible during this mission like implementation of activities, developing partnership, product distribution, transfer of knowledge and know-how and scientific and academic exchanges.

With its exports of natural, energy and mineral resources, Uzbekistan has now a substantial capital, and a great economic development potential. The country aspires to accelerate the diversification of its economy, including agriculture, health and tourism, both through cooperation with foreign companies and expreience sharing. The country also presents opportunities in many other areas and any project promoter to Uzbekistan will find a great interest in taking part in this mission. Moreover, the Uzbek government aims to open to private investors swathes of its economy by selling land assets to companies wishing to install their production in Uzbekistan and financial assets to actors interested in the privatization of state enterprises.

True to its exchange values ​​ »win-win » ADEC-NS wants to make the trip an opportunity to develop trade relations, academic and institutional lasting between the region Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon and Uzbekistan.

Taking part to this mission will allow you to:

  • Promote your business in a country in full economic development,
  • Discover the Uzbekistan economy through presentations and site visits,
  • Meet institutional Uzbek officials (Ministries, Chambers of Commerce, Embassy, Tourist Offices)
  • Meet potential partners through personalized appointment B to B organized for you by our team and Uzbek ministries.





>>  Country profile and priority sectors  <<

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Provisional program


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Tuesday 8 of March

Departure from Toulouse to Tashkent


Wednesday 9 of March

Arriving in Tachkent

Reception of the Delegation to the Chamber of Commerce by its President, Mr Alisher Chaikov and visit of Tashkent

Beginning of B2B Meetings

Reception of the delegation at the Embassy of France in Uzbekistan

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Thursday 10 of March and Friday 11 of March

B2B meetings in Tachkent


Saturday 12 of March

Visit of the city of Samarkand and possibility of B2B with local actors (strong interest in tourism in particular)


Sunday 13 of March

Departure from Tachkent to Toulouse




To participate in this mission please contact us immediately.
We will send a data sheet to ensure individual support and guarantee you the best interlocutors.

(imperative response before January 15, 2016)