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>> Multisectoral Business Trip in Uzbekistan <<
 8th – 13th March 2016


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  • ADEC-NS is an interesting facilitator linking with public authorities or representatives of private companies. Our company, TerraNIS, develops and markets geoinformation services based on Earth observation satellite. Our market is global.ADEC-NS is helping us with its network to have a direct contact wit customers or future state representatives outside our borders (eg in multi-sectoral missions or conferences such as those we have already investees) and it is a real asset for my company."

    David Hello - Executive director of TerraNIS
  • ADEC-NS work is based on conviviality, promoting trade and openness to new cultures and new opportunities for business to my company and its development. Since joining the association, contacts were made particularly in Hungary and other opportunities are ongoing. On this occasion, I wish to pay tribute to the entire team of ADEC-NS and its president Gilbert SALINAS for listening and availability."

    Jean-Louis Chavoillon - Head of Global Solutions Assurance
  • Former engineer in aerospace, I worked for many European and international programs, this is why I am very interesting in ADEC-NS' work. This agency has brought me a lot of knowledge on European relations, between different countries and on various subjects that change areas that I had to deal with."

    Claudine Couderc - Treasurer MEF 31
  • I run a company specializing in business intelligence, including security level. I know ADEC-NS since its inception. I participated in several conferences organized by the Agency.  I accompanied the NGO on several economic missions abroad (Morocco, Tunisia and Uzbekistan). ADEC-NS is true, a good network, skilled, which ensures technology watch and promotes "real business"."

    Thierry Roux - Director Great-X
  • I’m leading a travel agency in Toulouse specialised on Asia and I’ve known ADEC-NS since 3 years when I met Mr Salinas for the Economic mission in Uzbekistan. I find the Agency innovating, interesting ans interested, energetic, motivated and motivating, allowing to «shake things up » on Midi-Pyrénées. I strongly recommend it to companies that are willing to open themselves and increase their relations with international markets."

    Bruno Jouanny - Director of ASIA